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Snackable Stories Online is the most recent waypoint on my writing journey.

My name is Corey Wallis, known as Techxplorer in various places online, and I live in Adelaide, Australia. More information about me is available on my Thoughts by Techxplorer blog.

Snackable Stories Online is a result of my reflections on flash fiction and snackable content. My primary goal is to write stories that you can read in the time it takes you to enjoy your favourite snack.

As a result, the stories that I post here will fall into one of two categories:

  1. Complete stories told in at most 1000 words ± 10%.
  2. Longer stories serialised in 1000 word instalments.

When I find the time, and can overcome the demons of self doubt, I like writing stories. I work full time in an information and digital services role in the higher education sector. I am also a proud father and husband. This limits the amount of time that I can spend on my hobbies such as writing.

Writing, like any other skill, improves the more you practice. It is also easy to use a perceived lack of inspiration to not write. Especially when you have the demon of self doubt riding on your shoulder. I am using writing prompts to help me develop ideas for writing. Links to the writings prompt that I use are included in the metadata for the story.

My goals for Snackable Stories Online

My primary goal for 2018 is to publish one new snackable story on a biweekly schedule.

My secondary goals are:

  1. To learn and experience new technologies.
  2. Improve my writing skills.
  3. Evoke an emotion in people who read my stories.

Contact me

You can get in contact with me about my stories and essays via:

  1. Twitter - My Twitter Profile @SnackableStory.
  2. Email - Send me an email corey@snackablestories.online.

Inspirational authors

The following authors are people that I admire and draw inspiration from:

Technologies used to build Snackable Stories online

I use a variety of technologies to build this website including:


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