Restarting My Writing Journey

Angelina Litvin

This essay marks the restart of my writing journey here on Snackable Stories Online.

Earlier this year I started the site, as a place to put my writing and explore the use of Hugo for static site generation. Unfortunately I lost momentum and only earlier this month felt in a place to restart.

It is tempting to feel disheartened by the several times I have set out on a writing journey. Each time I start with the best of intentions, and then slowly over time I lose enthusiasm and focus. I need to keep in mind that each time I start, I am building on the experiences of my past attempts.

This time I have three main goals:

  1. Undertake some study and research on the art of writing fiction.
  2. Write more essays reflecting on my studies and writing journey.
  3. Write at least one piece of fiction every two weeks.

Ultimately I do not know if this is the time that I will succeed in building a body of work. The most important thing is that I’m willing to keep trying.